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Friday, June 14

Providing IT Solutions From The Ground Up

The process

  • Step 1 Contact us and we'll discuss details, price, and the timeframe.
  • Step 2 We'll work together to build a site that suits you and/or your business's needs.
  • Step 3 We will decide on a domain name for your site such as
  • Step 4 We will host your site and register your domain and manage all parts of the web hosting process.
  • Step 5 We will promote your site with Search Engine Optimization techniques and submit your site to search engines.
  • Step 6 You'll enjoy your new web presence.

Why choose us?

We're small, personalized, and truly care about the websites we create. Andy Simpson has developed websites for the U.S. Department of Education for the last 6 years and continues to do so.

You have questions and we know that, which is why we'll try to provide you all the information you need in a non-technical way. We're a full service shop, meaning you won't be left with a website to deal with on your own. As long as your website is in our hands, we'll be available.

What does a website cost?

  • $200 - A basic one page website
  • $400 - $700 - A standard 5 page site
  • $1000+ - Advanced sites such as websites that are driven from a database
  • Domains cost around $10 per year
  • Hosting ranges from $10 - $35 per month

Our past work

Advantage Contracting Services, Inc.
Executive Peer Tool
IPEDS CIP Code Software
Cornhole By Mooch
Man Plants
Man Giftshop